Meet Kinjal Parikh, MD: Physiatrist at OrthoCarolina


At OrthoCarolina, there is a team of physiatrists who play a vital role in helping patients heal from various orthopedic conditions. Physiatrists are experts on the bones, muscles and nerves that control how your body is affected by trauma like spinal cord damage, sports injuries, limb amputations, strokes and other musculoskeletal conditions. Because of this, they are able to help patients improve or maximize function lost through injury, illness, or disabling conditions.

The physiatry team works closely with physical therapists to execute a treatment plan that will alleviate the pain a patient is experiencing. Using assessments and various diagnostic tools, the physiatrist will make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan for the patient. The physical therapist then implements this plan using specialized exercises and other hands-on procedures. All with the goal of helping the patient to avoid needing surgery.

To learn more about the physiatry specialty at OrthoCarolina we turn to Dr. Kinjal Parikh (pictured), who volunteers his services with Care Ring’s Physicians Reach Out Program. He also shares why he volunteers with PRO and the impact this specialty has made on a patient.

What do you like best about being a physiatrist?

"The field of Physiatry is unique in our group as it allows us to use advanced non-surgical modalities, typically through image-guided injections, to help patients improve their quality of life and avoid surgery.  We use a holistic approach towards our patients, looking at the many factors that play into symptoms of pain and discomfort.  We often employ targeted physical therapy and have close feedback with our therapists to make sure patients are improving."

What lead you to get involved with Physicians Reach Out (PRO)?

"The fundamental nature of being a physician is to help those in need.  Physicians Reach Out is a great example of helping people because it allows us to volunteer our time and expertise to reach the most vulnerable in our community. One thing I always remind fellows and residents is that patients come to see us for one reason only: because they need our help.  It is a simple thing to forget with the everyday stress and challenge that comes with being a doctor, but it is at the root of what we do."

What has being able to give back to your community as a PRO volunteer meant to you personally?

"Volunteering my time and expertise is a privilege.  I get personal satisfaction being able to help treat all patients from all walks of life."

Tell us about a patient that has benefitted from this service.

 "We treated a 48-year-old former athlete with chronic low back pain who was considering a fusion surgery for her symptoms.  She had tried physical therapy and medications without improvement.  After reviewing her case and performing a through physical exam, we diagnosed her with facet joint mediated pain.   After a trial injection to confirm this was her pain generator, we performed a radiofrequency ablation of her facet joints to desensitize the joints in her back.  Within a few weeks, her pain was gone, and she regained her quality of life and was able to resume a healthy and active lifestyle."

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OrthoCarolina has been supporting Physicians Reach Out since 2006 and provided care to more than 4,000 patients during that time, but their support goes beyond donated services. They have been a top-tier Corporate Champion for many years, and their staff have volunteered at numerous fundraising events. From volunteerism, donated services, and financial support, we are deeply grateful for the many ways OrthoCarolina ensures those with limited resources have access to care in our community. Thank you OrthoCarolina for all you do!

Are you a medical provider who wants to give back from the convenience of your own office?

Check out our "PRO" page, just for you!

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