Community-Based Care

We know that the health of a community is not limited to the services they receive at a clinic.
It is critical that our community is working at a neighborhood level, listening to the voices of residents and deploying the resources they need
to create healthier outcomes for their families.”

- Tchernavia Montgomery, Care Ring ED

Research shows that a person’s zip code has a greater impact on their health than genetic code. Chronic illness is a way of life for many people, particularly in under-resourced neighborhoods, which have higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and more. These conditions are inextricably linked to a number of factors, including location, socioeconomic status and race, which are called the social determinants of health.

Carering - Clinic Patient 5

In addition to the many ways Care Ring directly helps individuals establish and maintain good health, we are also actively engaged in advocating for a better system of care for all.  This includes the important work of engaging with communities to better understand their needs as it relates to health and well-being, identifying barriers to addressing those needs, and providing education on the changes that are happening in healthcare.  By building deeper connections with neighborhoods, we can improve overall community health and outcomes for people with limited resources.