Physicians Reach Out

Physicians Reach Out (PRO) offers health care to people in need. PRO links patients to a local network of doctors, specialists, dentists, laboratories and hospitals that donate a wide range of services, such as primary care, surgeries, orthopedic, and even cancer care.

You may be eligible for PRO if you: 

Are a current resident of Mecklenburg County

Are uninsured

Are not eligible for or receiving Medicaid, Medicare or other health benefits

Have low income. Your household income must be below these limits:

         $36,450 for individuals
         $49,300 for a family of 2
         $62,150 for a family of 3
         $75,000 for a family of 4
         $87,850 for a family of 5


How to Apply for Physicians Reach Out


Call us to initiate a basic phone screening at 704-943-9734. Our enrollment is limited and new slots open each Monday. We recommend calling early in the week.

Our enrollment team will send you a personal link to the PRO application. We also have paper copies of the application if you cannot complete the application online.

Please carefully complete the PRO application and provide all required documents. If you have any questions about the application, please ask your enrollment coordinator. We are here to help you!

There is a $45 enrollment fee per adult applicant that you will pay when you submit your application.

For Current PRO Patients


Have you moved or changed your phone number? It is very important that you notify PRO when your contact information changes. To update your phone/email, click here or call PRO ASAP at (704) 248-3729.


You must renew your PRO enrollment each year. Our renewal team will send you a link via text message to the renewal application two months before the end date on your Notice of Approval. We also have paper copies of the renewal application if you cannot complete the application online. If you have any questions, please call our renewal team at (704) 943-9483.


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