Giving Back for the Greater Good

Health care might be the most competitive industry in the country. But what happens when hospital systems and health care providers work together for the greater good?

In another year of remarkable generosity, over the last 12 months Charlotte physicians and dentists donated nearly $13 million in care to those in need. Over the last decade local medical professionals have given back far in excess of $100 million in medical services to help those needing care.

Nearly 1,600 physicians with OrthoCarolina, Novant Health, and Carolinas Healthcare System – along with independent physicians and dentists from across the region – band together to volunteer their services so that individuals lacking access to care receive consistent, dignified care.

Managed by Care Ring, Physicians Reach Out (PRO) provides a convenient and efficient way for medical professionals to give back. By simply opening up available slots in their clinic for those without access to care, local providers collectively create a health care safety net for 3,500 low-income, uninsured people in Mecklenburg County each year. Residents who are uninsured and have income below 200 percent of the federal poverty level can gain access to PRO and are assigned doctors and dentists practicing close to where they live.

For those lacking access to public or private insurance, PRO is truly a lifeline, an option other than simply ignoring their illness or arriving in poor health at a local emergency room.

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