Case Management: A Holistic Approach to Improving Health

It’s shocking to learn that only 20% of our health is addressed by a medical provider. The other 80% is influenced by external factors such as socio-economic challenges, health behaviors and where we live. People living in poverty face many barriers to achieving good health, which is why case management is so vital to our work.

Case management is the coordination of a variety of services to address the multiple needs of a person. At Care Ring, we recognize that this is critical to ensuring good health, especially for the patients we serve, who face extreme health and social challenges. Left unaddressed, these challenges can interfere with a patient's ability to truly be healthy and make strides towards economic mobility. As leaders in the community on how to best care for people who are struggling and on the margins of society, we can't stress enough how central case management is to achieving successful outcomes.

In the above video, we talk about the importance of case management, how partners like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC and PRO providers like Smile Charlotte are helping to address patient needs, and how two members of our case management team worked together alongside numerous other community agencies to transform the health and life of a Care Ring patient.

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