Storytelling is KEY!

Care Ring had the good fortune of participating in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Leadership Academy last year.

During this nine-month leadership training experience, we chose to focus on culture change within our agency, with a particular emphasis on creating new ways to tell our story to the community more effectively.

We run three signature programs – our low-cost clinic, our coordinated, voluntary care from physicians and dentists known as Physicians Reach Out, and Care Ring’s Nurse-Family Partnership home visiting program for low income families.

Our challenge is that far too often folks who are introduced to Care Ring only know us as just one of these programs. They’ve seen or read about the poverty-fighting power of NFP and may think that is all we do. Or they have sent a client to our clinic for our chronic disease management program, and may think that is our single impact. Or perhaps they are a doctor or dentist in the region volunteering to serve an individual without public or private insurance, and are not aware of the many other programs we lead to improve health and wellness for folks with limited resources in our region.

Here is a short (2 minute) video describing our experience in the Leadership Academy and discussing how this training is helping us share our story and communicate our impact in more effective ways.

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