OrthoCarolina: A Care Ring Champion

Why does a company support its local community? How does a company support its local community? And perhaps most importantly, who is ultimately responsible for support of the local community?

At OrthoCarolina we know that an essential part of our company DNA is giving back to the communities in which we do business is. Moreover, we believe it should be a fundamental role for any organization and as such, we are dedicated to playing our part in supporting the local community. While the ways we do this are many, one shining example has been our ongoing partnership with Care Ring.

The needs for an organization like Care Ring are many, but due to a dedicated and passionate workforce the outcomes well exceed that need. As a partner we are proud to serve as the support system for that workforce, both financially and with human capital. Serving in this capacity we live the very term we use for partnerships like this one: Being Powered by OrthoCarolina.

We believe in the mission of Care Ring, its three primary programs and the workforce that makes it all possible for our community. We are honored to be a partner and we look forward to seeing more great results and in the end an improved community!

And yes, if you are reading this, we are hoping you’ll become a corporate champion as we have.

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