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So grateful to be recognized by Kathy Higgins, president of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of North Carolina, for our work at Care Ring to improve the quality of life for all.

Care Ring joins three other nonprofits from across North Carolina that are part of BCBS of North Carolina's “Month of Thanks."

A portion of the blog post is included below – for the full story click here.

I have such admiration for people who devote their careers to serving others. Few of us are blind to the problems faced by so many in our country and here in North Carolina. But the problems often seem so vast and the causes so complex, most people sigh with resignation and wish there were something they could do to help. But nonprofit leaders see a problem and say, “Well, let’s fix that.”

Nonprofits are an essential part of our culture in North Carolina – and our economy, with an impact of nearly $39 billion and employing 10% of our state’s work force. More importantly, nonprofits provide many of the needed services that private enterprise and government often do not: feeding hungry North Carolinians, improving public health through advocacy and education, providing shelter for the homeless, helping parents meet the daily needs of their families, even promoting the arts.

Whether we realize it or not, everyone living in our state has benefited from the services of nonprofits. Simply put, they make our lives better. Nonprofit agencies exist because we need them – and they need our support. Employees of nonprofits aren’t working for praise or glory or huge salaries; they are called to serve.

And just as helping others is the right thing to do, it is also appropriate to thank those whose selfless contributions to our communities so often go unrecognized. Well, let’s fix that!

Each November, here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, we shine a light on some of our nonprofit partners who are doing such great work to make life better in our state.

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