Care Ring Executive Director Don Jonas stepping down

Care Ring’s executive director, Don Jonas, is stepping down from his position with Care Ring after more than eight years in his leadership role. During his tenure with Care Ring, Don has directed efforts to expand Care Ring’s health care access programs for people with limited resources. He has helped position Care Ring as a leading voice and advocate for creating a better system of care for all. Don is taking on a new role with Atrium Health where he will lead efforts to address many of the social drivers of health, including the lack of affordable housing, food insecurity, and other non-medical needs that impact health and wellness in profound ways. READ DON'S FAREWELL BLOG POST.

With Don’s upcoming departure, Care Ring’s board of directors has engaged LevRidge Resources, a Charlotte-based firm with extensive experience providing interim nonprofit leadership services for nonprofit agencies in the Charlotte market.

Care Ring’s board will soon appoint a formal search committee to identify Care Ring’s next permanent executive director.

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