Circle of Friends

Our Circle of Friends program is a philanthropic community of monthly givers who are dedicated to ensuring access to care for all. When you join our Circle of Friends monthly giving program, you help to break down the health disparities that exist for people with limited resource. Your monthly gift provides a steady source of revenue that enables Care Ring to deliver essential health care services and give patients hope for better health.

Joining our Circle of Friends monthly giving program is simple and easy!

Simply complete the monthly donation form below, choose the amount of your monthly gift, select a designation, enter your personal information, and you’re on your way to delivering affordable, high-quality health care services to patients with limited resources.
Once you’re a member of our Circle of Friends, your gift will automatically go on your credit card each month, making it easy for you to give and improve the health of a neighbor in need.
Additionally, we’ll send you a year-end tax receipt for all of your donations each January.

For questions about increasing your monthly gift or cancelling, please email us at [email protected].

To begin making a difference today, complete our monthly giving form below!